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TREMP | Singletrack Paradise

We have been working hard, putting all the pieces together to bring you an epic and unforgettable MTB Shuttle Assisted Holiday. Wait a second... NOT YOUR TYPICAL SHUTTLE ASSISTED HOLIDAY! We'll take you to the full depth and height of the Pallars Jussà, where only a 4x4 Land Rover can take you. The shuttle drives by themselves are already worthy of a proper Backcountry adventure trip. We will explore the breathtaking landscape that this area has to offer, with its unique and rich variety of terrains.


Resting and refueling our bodies is an important part of the equation. That's why we have chosen what we consider to be the perfect accommodation for this trip. A place to disconnect from the everyday routine, but to reconnect with nature. Located right in front of the Terradets lake and surrounded by mountains, the only thing that you'll have to stress about will be to hit the trails. We will start the day with a breakfast buffet, with everything you need for a proper day of riding bikes.


Each riding day will consist of 4-8 shuttles, covering around 3,000m of descending and 300m-500m of pedaling elevation gain. Some shuttles are shorter, around 3-4km, but packed with fantastic trails. Other shuttles will be longer, covering around 7-9km in one run.

TREMP... you have probably heard about this place. If you haven't, then it's just a matter of time.

Situated in Catalunya, Spain. Tremp is the capital of Pallars Jussà, a region that belongs to the pre-Pyrenees in the province of Lleida. Shaped by the Noguera Pallaresa River, this area hosts a vast trail network, with an amazing mix of flowy and techy natural trails. From serpentine shaped rollercoasters, to never-ending rock slabs and boulders. The views never dissapoint, with the beautiful Sant Antoni reservoir on the background, it's hard to decide between focusing on the trail or taking a break and enjoying the magical surroundings. 

This unique mountain biking gem has taken shape thanks to the amazing work done by associations like Territori Lo Podall (Tremp) and Trenkabikers (La Pobla de Segur), who have established a local culture of sustainable mountain biking, which benefits the local villages and businesses. 

Sneak Peak


- Airport Transfers from Barcelona Airport (BCN).

- All the transportation to the riding locations.

- 4x4 Land Rover shuttles (5 riding days).

- Accommodation (6 nights).

- Breakfast buffet.

- Fruits, snacks and drinks during shuttles.

- Certified, experienced and professional guides.

- Possibility of guiding in English, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch or German.

- 15,000m of elevation loss.

- 300m-500m of pedaling elevation gain per day.

- Indoor bike storage and garage.

Available dates




October 26th - November 1st


March 29th - April 4th



1.320€ Double Room (single occupancy)

1.215€ Double Room (shared 2pax)


- Dinner buffet with local specialties, salad bar and dessert bar.

- Packed lunches for the riding days (pasta salad, breaded beef, fruit and drink).

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