Easy level

Albufera Natural Park

Skills: beginner          Hours: 3          Distance: 20 km          No climb

Take it easy… This trip suits riders who are relatively    inexperienced and keen to cycle on natural terrain        while enjoying Mallorca’s lovely landscapes!
 Depending on your cycling skills, this trail has a       shorter (20km) and a longer (65km) option; both will  give you a great overview of this stunning island!

 We set off to cycle along Alcudia’s promenade    before  we continue through the dunes. From here    we alternate on- road with off-road cycling until we get to a flat, single track where we pedal through knee- high grass, occasionally hobbling over some dry roots.

Next, we enter a nature reserve and will mostly pedal along clean, easy-to-ride gravel paths which take us alongside some giant reeds. During our ride we‘ll stop to take in the views at the lookouts and, if we’re lucky, may even spot some wildlife!

Whoever’s keen can push on uphill to the topof the nearby mountain, Puig St. Marti, which sits at 266 metres above sea level. Towards the end of the track, there is a paved road and although this climb is steep, it‘s well worth the sweat, as you’ll be rewarded with a view of the entire northern part of the island! This is also where para-gliders take their leap to get high on the sensational views of the beautiful Alcudia and Pollença bays.

For our descent we‘ll take a narrow trail on the mountains’ lower part, which guarantees plenty of adrenaline-fuelled fun. Subsequently we‘ll go on the extended trail along the coast line passing small inlets which offer the irresistible lure of a refreshing plunge into cool, crystal clear waters. Jumping four meters from a cliff is, as you can imagine, exciting stuff and will also gear you up for those last few kms back to the shop.

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Cala Sant Vicenç

Skills: beginner          Hours: 3-5         Distance: 45 km          450 altimeter

Cala Sant Vicenc, originally a fishing village, boasts several small bays with rugged, dramatic rocks and cliffs. This relatively ‘easy’ tour covers 45 kilometres and includes 450 meters of climbing. A basic fitness level is good enough to tackle this challenge.

We start out on quite lanes flanked by the typical Mallorquin dry stone walls. We continue a little longer along a flat, forest path, until we reach the village, which lies next to the sparkly blue water. Next we ascend an old gravel path which winds up above this little town. For beginners this rocky path may prove a little challenging, but should still be doable by all.

We take a short break at the lookout to enjoy the fabulous panoramic views of the valley and the Mediterranean Sea. A descent brings us back to town from where we’ll go along a beautiful trail through the woods.

From now on it‘s paved roads only, with the next stop being Pollenca’s old town. This ancient Roman city is awesome and the sort of place you’d love to stay for a while! Narrow, windy streets, rustic houses, quaint shops and colourful market stalls make it the perfect place for a break and a tasty replenishment in one of the many restaurants. Next to the main square are the renowned 365 steps which lead to a small chapel overlooking the city. Refuelled and refreshed, we’ll be ready to take on the trip back to the shop.

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La Victoria 

Skills: beginner          Hours: 3          Distance: 30 km          400 altimeter

Strap those helmets on and let‘s get pedalling! This off-road day trip boasts stunning surrounding and a unique riding route! This tour has a big variety of trails in different levels.

In this ride we cycle through Alcudia’s charming old town centre along its 14th century city wall. We‘ll continue along the coast passing some gorgeous bays where we‘ll get to see the fabulous views from the cliffs at St. Joan Bay.

We push on over tranquil roads with a moderate incline in order to reach La Victoria peninsula. This is like ‘trail-central,’ as from here there are many different routes to take, again depending on your strength and skills. There is one path through a pine forest which culminates in a short but steep climb to Coll Baix. 

While the adrenalin is still pumping we take a quick break to dive off a cliff right into the cooling sea! Exhilarating! From here there are two different routes to choose from, but first we’ll feast on a fresh and tasty restaurant lunch! Refuelled and rejuvenated, it’s time to get back on the bike, and whatever route you go for the spectacular surroundings will make for an epic ride!

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