So…how’s the weather?

The Mediterranean climate on the Balearic Islands offers all year round excellent conditions for outdoor activities. During wintertime the island is tranquil and temperates are mild. In December and February you’ll be surrounded by green fields and blossoming almond trees. Spring and autumn are peak season with its warm temperatures and sunny days. 

Mountainbikers swear by the cooler, greener months, which take the sweat out of the island’s climbs and descents in the north and west. Although during summer with higher temperatures, cycling is still popular as the crystal clear seawater will refresh you after an exciting ride.

Can I find trails in my level?

– For beginners and recreational cyclists Mallorca offers very nice and easy-going trails. We cycle along the coastline, on gravel roads and paved side roads to lookouts with moderate uphills.

– Experienced mountain bikers can enjoy the beautiful rural roads and rocky pilgrim paths of the typical Mediterranean landscape while riding technical sections and single trail parts.

– Demanding die-hard riders can go all the way with challenging up and downhills with rocky passages, drops, jumps and switchbacks. Mallorca has thrilling trails and a fantastic bike park called Peguera.

What kind of fitness level should I have?

Chainguide offers tours for everyone. You can cruise around in a relaxed pace with our Albufera tour. All other tours require at least a basic fitness level. The climate can be hot on Mallorca in the summer season, which requires more effort. To be able to ride technical and high-level tours, you should have a high fitness level and a cycling routine of once or twice a week at home.

Why choose a guided tour?

We guide so you can focus on the ride itself. With years of experience we  offer detailed information about the routes, its daily condition and tips how to tackle the route in a safe and fun way. We describe each trail section to you in advance, so you know what to expect. This makes your ride so smooth! So why head out alone and stumble around? Enjoy the flow of beautiful views and carefree cycling.

We guard your safety as you cycle through the terrain. With experience and knowledge of weather conditions we can, for example, locate additional stations with natural water refill within our tour schedule. When needed we take longer breaks to prevent overheating, or find alternative routes with unexpected weather changes.

If you encounter any mechanical problems on the tour, your guide will help you out. Easy!

We always ride together, it’s cool! It keeps you motivated in challenging moments and creates a feeling of community. Lookingafter each other and sharing the experience makes it much more fun!

Take the max out of your time. With our transport possibility, we can drop you off right at the beginning of the route. This way you minimize the distance cycled on asphalt road.

Where do the mountain bike tours run?

Our mountain bike tours run mainly in the Serra de Tramuntana, a huge mountain range stretching along Mallorca. In the North of Mallorca you’ll find mountain bike routes with moderate climbs, such as rides along the Bay of Pollenca and Alcudia or the famous Cap Formentor. The east of Mallorca has mountain bike trails with stunning views. The south-east part of the island offers advanced trails and Mallorca’s Bike Park.

What happens if I cannot keep up with the group?

This is a common question. No need to worry though, as we minimize the chance of this happening.

We try to avoid running groups of vastly varying skill or fitness levels, so riders in our groups tend to adopt a similar pace. We ask people about their fitness level and experiences, and provide detailed information about the difficulty and content of each tour.

Its normal that there are small differences, this is part of riding together! It doesn’t matter if you are first or last in the group. We don’t challenge you to be the fastest; we want to make sure you have a good time.

What to bring?

We recommend to bring the following bike gear: proper (mountain) bike shoes, a backpack, sunglasses and if needed protective gear (knee-/ elbow pads). We provide a helmet and a bag but you are welcome to bring your own. At tours you’ll need 2 Litres of water and some money for a drink at break time.

We sell everything you need in our shop, including energy bars, gels, drinks, water and gloves.

What about knee and elbow pads?

Knee and elbow pads are only needed for difficult tours. If you have pads at home you can bring them or rent light elbow or knee pads for €3 – each or € 5 – for both.

Do you offer accommodation?

 Yes we do!

To make your holiday arrangements even easier, you can ride with us and sleep at the Chainguide Finca, anewly renovated Mallorquin farm, set in a nature reserve. The finca has plenty of green outdoor space to enjoy and incredible views from each bedroom. Adventure-seekers can even sleep in the garden, right under the stars…  

The farm is located just a few minutes drive from our shop in Alcudia and close to a beach, Pollença and Port de Pollença.  Set right along a popular cycling route, you’ll be ready to ride in no time!  Please contact us by mail or call +34-632778534 for more information.

Weather policy

We ride with sun, rain and wind. Mallorca offers wonderful weather conditions throughout the year, but in case circumstances are so tough that you choose not to ride, you can let us know a day in advance. We do not refund the tour price or downpayment, but if schedule allows we will offer you a tour on a different day. 

How do I book?

Call us or send a mail with your details. Please give us your name, telephone number, country of origin, height, weight, preference of flat or SPD paddles. Don’t forget to mention which tour you’d like to do, and which dates! We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. If you don’t hear anything, please call us to ensure your mail has arrived.

After confirmation of your booking you will receive bank details for a 50% down payment. On the day of your tour we ask you to pay the remaining amount, a deposit and a valid passport. If you are booking a tour 1 week or less before the start date of your tour, the full tour price is payable upon booking. In that case, deposit can be paid cash on the day of the tour.

How much down payment is needed?

We ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, payable via bank transfer or TransferWise. You do not need a TransferWise account to pay by

If I rent a bike or join a tour, should I give you a deposit?

If you join a tour, we ask a valid passport and €100,- deposit in cash only. Your deposit and passport will be returned to you when the bicycle is returned in the state in which you received it.

For bike rental only, we ask a valid passport and €200,- deposit in cash only.

What is the best time to visit Mallorca?

Mallorca has earned its nickname: The Sunshine Island. The sun shines here during all seasons, and full cloudy days are rare.

Spring (march-may) and autumn (oct-nov) are the most popular seasons on Mallorca as the weather is mild but comfortably warm. Chance of rain will be very low and wind is soft or absent. During summer (june-sept), Mallorca is on its busiest and temperatures rise to 25-37C with high humidity levels. Winter (dec-feb) is a wonderful season as well as the air is cool and fresh (around 5-15 C) and rain makes the fields green again.

Try to visit at least once when the Almond trees blossom (feb-march), that time the entire island looks like a fairytale with white blossoms all along the paths as you cycle….Rain and stronger wind can be common in some weeks during winter, but after a few hours the sun usually comes out again. Everyone has a different favourite season on this island!

Where can I book a cheap flight?

Condor and Vueling have ‘smiley offers’ for trips of a few days.
Ryanair and Transavia have good prices for European flights.

You can also check search engines such as and

How to get the best from the airport to you?

Easy! Take public bus nr. 1 from the airport to Placa de Espana in Palma de Mallorca, where you change to bus 351 to Alcudia.

From Palma to Alcudia the bus leaves every 30 minutes and takes 1 hour. It drives directly on the highway and only has 3 stops before it reaches Alcudia.

From the airport to Alcudia it takes 2 hours due to time you need to change bus.

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Safety & medical policy

Wearing a helmet is compulsory on Mallorca. Helmets and other protective gear are available at our shop. During our tours, safety is a priority and our guides do anything they can to prevent injuries.

Clients are required to state at the time of booking if they are aware of any medical conditions that could put their health at risk whilst Mountain Biking.  You must be physically fit enough to participate in the tour you have chosen.  If you have to drop out of a ride, we will not be responsible for any additional costs incurred. 

 We advice you to arrange adequate personal insurance to cover any eventuality that may occur, including theft, damage and accidents caused by yourself or any third party whilst hiring from and touring with us. Chainguide cannot be held responsible or liable for any personal injury caused whilst riding during the hire period.

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