Experienced riders – 21 km and 5h adventure with 970m altitude – Protective gear recommended available at our shop

This tour is in the area of Bunyola – Bike transport €10,-


  • You have done at least one more tour with our guide before you ride Bunyola. You do technical rides with ease and you’re used to riding on big rocks. You’ve got plenty of stamina and grit. Riding on rocky, stony, rooty and very steep single tracks without blocking your brakes is easy for you. You ride the ‘Garda Lake’ in Italy without a blink. You ride uphills with a total of 970 altimeter without a problem as you are in top condition.


  • Steady ascent on a gravel road for the first 6kms with impressive panoramic view of the island’s capital, Palma de Mallorca.
  • Hard pedalling over obstacles, rough terrain and occasionally tricky parts followed by a charged downhill flow. This single trail downhill is pretty awesome as it has all the extras a track in deep woods can of..woooooooooohoooo!
  • Want some more? ‘Course you do! Enjoy a second and even more thrilling down with both bumpy and smooth parts.
  • Catch your breath again as we take a peek around the ‘secret cave house’
  • Break at Bunyola’s local market restaurant where we can tuck into a tasty lunch while slapping each other on the back congratulating each other on a job well done!

Radical View


Experienced riders – 20 km and 6h discovering amazing views – 1300m altitude 

This tour is in the area of Valldemossa


Are you in good shape and not one to back down from a challenge? Do you like very steep, rough and slippery trails and do not block your brakes on these trails? Are you in full control of the bike and used to high-level trails? Then this 20km, 1,300 metre climb hardcore trip is definitely the one for you!


  • stunning views of Mallorca’s west coast after a long, tough uphill battle on a gravel road. Enjoy breathtaking nature as you reach the summit!
  • a secret route, which only the locals know about. 😉
  • Apart from rock and radical views you see ancient ruins

Adrenaline Rush


Die Hard! – 13 to 23km and 3h riding with 900m altitude – Pure adrenaline

This tour is in the area of Esporles – Bike transport €15,-


You eat chilli’s for breakfast, open beer bottles with your teeth and called your girlfriend to say Hi (or bye) before you start this ride. This top level tour is for very experienced riders only! If you choose to come with us on this trip…you’ve got the balls of a Dobermann and live on those challenging, technical rides!


  • a tough climb over a narrow track with technical parts and obstacles to pedal over. Be warned- the uphill is a bit torturous, but worth every rock of it!
  • downhill, great for showing off those riding skills! Stay centered and get all you can from a super technical descent on one of the best bike trails of Mallorca!
  • fast parts with switchbacks, drops, natural ramps and jumps – let’s fly!
  • one full hour of descend until we arrive in the beautiful centre of Esporles

The Playground


High level riding – 3h adventure and all the km you want!

This tour is in the area of Paguera – Bike transport €15,-


You are an experienced rider but do not need to be on the highest level. You are in control of the mountain bike on technical single trails, gravel, loose surfaces, roads from slippery stones and driving over rough areas. You ride on steep trails with loose gravel and sand without slipping. But most of all, you want to improve your skills in an MTB heaven!


  • Super fun tour for experienced riders!
  • This is Mallorca’s first official bike park where the Enduro and DH races take place (no lifts)
  • After a 20 minute climb we are on top of the hill where we can choose between two DH-trails. Both are best while riding them fast and are perfect for developing your speed skills taking the switchbacks, drops and jumps in rocky surroundings.
  • Riding the same loops gives you perfect possibility to practice cornering and riding on berms. Continuous loops give you the possibility to really learn the trails and increase your skills each round. Are you ready to build your confidence?
  • The park is less rocky then Mallorca’s usual nature, so its easier to gain speed and flow through the trail

But… this is not all we offer!

Besides the tours listed above we offer

  • Personalised tour with alternative routes or distances.
  • Private transport to beginning of trails. For those short on time or efforts, we can minimize the distance to be cycled on paved roads before reaching the mountains.
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